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Friends In Cool Places

Today is the official launch date of our first release, Anomie or Swimming in a Black Sea by Invisible Elephant. All the pre-orders have shipped, so those who ordered a copy either will have received it, or will soon.

A big thanks to everyone who has supported the endeavour, listened to the album, bought it and/or helped to spread the word. The reaction so far has been quite positive, which is just great.

A couple of reviews of the album have been posted – the first over at [sic] Magizine, which you can read here, and also at Binge Cringe Whinge, which you can read here. An even bigger thanks goes out to Rob and Scott at those two sites for taking the time to listen and tell the world what they think.

If you’d like to grab a copy of the album, you can get physical copies from our web store, or digital copies via Bandcamp.

Thanks for listening!

~Two Hands Music


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